Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blueberries and Wii Fit

Dear heavens has it sprung...and it's kicking my ass. I picked a piss poor time to buy a Wii Fit, lemmie tell ya. I wanted one for my birthday, funds were tight so I used my birthday money for things we really needed (like propane and electricity). Things have loosened up financially and Wednesday while I was out on my weekly errand/shopping trip I bought myself one finally. I wish my dear friend Miss Shannon had gotten back to me on her take on the Wii Fit. Seriously, not joking. I'm so sore from my abs to my ankles, that I'd like to amputate my legs. Abs aren't so bad, my legs though...ok I'll quit now, you get the point.

Thursday was way too busy for me to think about messing around with my new toy as I was in the middle of pruning my way-too-long-neglected blueberry bushes and cleaning up in that area. Small trees, poison ivy or oak (not sure which since there were no leaves), blueberry suckers, blackberry canes had all tried make a home in my blueberry patch and it was up to me to retake my berry patch. Ok I can't take all the credit...Daniel did get in there and hack off a good sized walnut tree with the chainsaw for me. A paintbrush, syringe, and a pint of 2 4 D lv (herbicide) mix, there is only a couple of smallish sized trees I need to take the handsaw to (broke my blade this afternoon, gonna have to wait till Wednesday when I can get a new one) and my blueberries will be MINE again. I'm quite proud of my accomplishment out there as the bushes hadn't been pruned in at least 3 years as best I could tell and were an overgrown, tangled mess. On top of that, the blueberries (as well as the rest of the undesirables) had grown up through the bird netting making it impossible to just take it loose from what remains of the wooden frame to which it was secured. Needless to say, it was a long road of trimming, dodging brambles with vicious thorns, and yanking to get the netting free. The netting fought the good fight but it was no match for me. My blueberry bushes are mere skeletons of what they once were (which is the way it should be)and now ready for their new enclosure to be built and renetted to keep the pesky birds out of my blueberries!

Friday I broke the Wii Fit out of it's box. I got the balance board all syched up with my Wii, and was psyched about trying out the yoga section. Folks, seriously...don't let the commercials fool you, it's not nearly as easy as they make it look. I've always thought I had a pretty good sense of balance. I can traverse over just about any kind of rough terrain out in the wild places I like to frequent and manage to keep dry and uninjured (well unless I happen across an underground nest of those dastardly little yellow jackets but I regress). I stepped on the balance board pretty confident of my abilities when they said they wanted to do a basic balance test. I stepped off the balance board ready to throw the damn thing out the living room window. After I completed the test (which while I was doing it, I about busted my ass more than once) it asked me if I tripped alot when I walk. Really ticked me off as Daniel loves to tease me about not being to walk and chew gum at the same time for the mere fact I'm a blond. Anyways it went on to tell me that I rely too much on visual cues during movement. Ok ya whatever...I moved on to the yoga. The names of the yoga moves make it sound me, it's not. I made it through the yoga portion without injuring myself (small wonder after that damn tree pose), and moved on to the strengthening, aerobic and balance portions of the "game". Lets just say, my strong point was the yoga ok? I thought I was in pretty good shape...I thought wrong...WAY wrong. I knew my clothing was getting a bit snug, but I had no clue it was getting this bad. That's another reason I wanted this Fit thing, I don't like the way my clothes are fitting and I absolutely detest the fact that my thighs rub when I walk and do NOT get me started on my muffin top. Daniel is tickled pink that my cleavage is more pronounced (aka I actually HAVE cleavage now). Poor guy, if the Wii Fit doesn't leave me laying in bed unable to move from the muscle spasms and soreness, he doesn't have too long to enjoy it. Time will tell how this love/hate relationship between Wii Fit and me lasts. I'm hoping it's long enough that my thighs no longer rub, muffin top disappears and Daniel is crying in his Pepsi over the loss of his beloved cleavage.

ps Shannon, stay far away from your Wii Fit of you want to have all of your wedding stuff done on time m'dear...The Fit will kick your ass, guaranteed

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