Monday, August 4, 2008

...and she wonders why I think she's a blonde (besides her hair color)

Last night while I was working Katie calls me...

Katie: CHRIS!

Me: WHAT? (I'm alarmed because I know she's home alone)

Katie: There's there's there's *5 second pause* A CHICKEN IN THE HOUSE! Did you know there is a chicken in the house? Did you hear me....THERE IS A CHICKEN IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!

Me: *audible sigh* Yes, I know there is a chicken in the house.


Me: Uh huh, what'cha want me to do, have Uncle Wally come over and Taze the poor lil guy? Is he trying to eat you or something?

Katie: There's a chicken in the house Chris...Did you know that? Uhhhhh no

Me: Katie, is there a chicken in the house? *insert appropriate sarcasm*

Katie: Just thought I'd call and let you know *laughter*

Me: Thanks, now do you want Uncle Wally over there or what?

Katie: NOOOOOOOOO he's cute and fluffy and all yellow.....

Me: K, anything else?

Katie: Nope just wanted to tell you there is a chicken in the house. Bye see ya tomorrow

Me: Ok, bye Katie....oh wait....Katie THERE'S A CHICKEN IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!

Katie: You are NOT funny *giggling* Bye

Click & phone line went dead

Now the reason there was a chicken in the house is that one of our hens out at the old farm had hatched this lil guy out and we didn't want some critter to get him. So Daniel and the kids brought the lil fella home and put him in a box with some food and water in the entryway.

We are country folk, I have had everything from baby pigs, goats, ducks, and chickens in the house before. Why is she surprised by ONE baby chick in the house now? I love the girl but MAN, sometimes I just don't get her at all.

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