Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quickie update

Sorry I skipped out on ya'll with updates and pics, but it's been a hella week(s). One of my bestest friends came from Michigan to help me with paint and flooring choices also and we worked our frannies off. Thank goodness for dear sweet Nat though, cos my house is going to look awesome due to her. I can't match my clothes half the time, let alone flooring and wall colors LOL.

We also discovered major water damage in the hallway cos of a tear in the metal siding so ALL the sheet rock on that outer wall had to be ripped out. We also ended up tearing out one of the bedroom walls and a section out of the other side of the hallway adjacent to the hallway due to water damage. They had NO splash guard behind the sink and the result was mold and mildew in the walls. I thank goodness we noticed it when we did though, rather than after we primed and painted the walls (Benjamin Moore paint is good shit, but it's kinda pricey....don't even ask how much my paint cost for the entire house.). So we got all of that ripped out and replaced with OSB chip board and then sheet rock mudded the walls so they would be smooth like shitrock, um err sheet rock I mean. I got my smooth walls, and Daniel got the kid resistant damage walls he wanted, we're all happy now :D. As I type Daniel and Gary are out there doing the touch up sanding on the walls and brushing them down so they are ready for their first coat of Kilz primer. I'll take pics tomorrow morning I promise. I was too tired after working all night last night to do it this morning (and it's city wide yard sale this weekend, it took precedence over going out there LOL).

We're also replacing all of the floor coverings as they are showing their age REALLY badly. Carpet in the bedrooms and living room, laminate in the kitchen and hallway, sheet vinyl in the kids bathroom and in my master bathroom, not sure yet. Somehow we managed to totally space off floor covering in there. It will probably vinyl of some sort though. I don't like the idea of ceramic tile, my middle name is not grace. I've had many broken bones and how embarrassing is it to tell people "Ya I broke my arm cos I slipped on my bathroom floor getting out of the shower.". If I'm breaking something, I want a GOOD story to go with it. Ask me sometime, and I'll tell you about them. I don't want to have to scrub the damn grout that comes with ceramic tile either. I'm all about easy upkeep as I HATE housework passionately, I have more interesting things to do with my precious time.

In a nutshell we're getting there, it's just taking a wee bit longer than we anticipated. It should pretty well fly by now since I'm down to priming and painting, then after that the guys can do the floor coverings. I'm thinking I can have the painting all done by Wed night, then they can start laying flooring. While they are laying flooring, I'm going to be packing and starting to haul stuff out. That's the plan now, we'll see how Murphy finds his way into the plans though.

I'll see ya'll tomorrow with pics, promise!

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