Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blathering on

Shoot I did it again! Almost two weeks has passed and no entry. I give up trying to be better about it. I'll just post as I get the chance.

Fall has finally arrived here in south central Missouri. The night time temperatures are dipping into the 30's ( the high 20's a couple of nights), and the trees are really amping up for a wonderful fall display of color. I'm such a lucky girl to get drive home every day and see just magnificent they are. On my way to and from town, I have to drive through a portion of the Mark Twain National forest. It's also pretty hilly terrain so I get some spectacular views of the tree line in the distance. EVERY DAY I get this treat! While I'm a bit apprehensive about having to drive this stretch this winter (I live on the other side of a hill/hollow called Big Holler Hill, which is somewhat of an understatement in my humble opinion) right now I am enjoying that 5-6 mile drive to town. I've lived in this area the greatest majority of my life, but never on the south side of town. I always lived on the north side and while hilly, not nearly as hilly as the south side of town. Keep in mind when I say north, south, east, and west sides of town, I'm actually talking about the rural area outside of town. It's been years since I actually lived *in* town for very long (outside of the few months while we were deciding on what to do after the fire in March). I hated living in town, made my clausterfobia rage. Think of any woman in your life you know and then think of the one with the worst PMS. Ok now that you have her in mind, imagine that intensified about 20 times over, and that's me living in town. It's not pleasant. I'm not a good town dweller. I admit there are a few perks but not near enough to make me even begin to want to live in town. I'm happy on our small 41 acres 5-6 miles out of town on the other side of the hill that I'm sure I'll be cursing in a couple of months. Only things I can think of right now that would make me happier would be: winning enough in the lottery (or however else) that I could afford to quit work and not worry about it, being able to not have to come to town every day unless I just wanted to, being able to buy out all (or most) of my neighbors properties for the acreage to start a cattle ranch (Hey they could live in their houses, I just want their pastures and woods LOL), and to homeschool my kids. I don't see ANY of that happening for awhile (except for the homeschooling thing, but that's another post/vent all together). Overall though, I'm pretty satisfied with what we have. I have pretty good kids (most of the time), my stock and pets (which are what at the moment, it's kind of hard to draw a line for me), heat, food, and a roof over my head. Oh and my pickup truck. Can't forget my lil S-10 *beaming grin*. Ok so it's pretty worthless for most farm work as it's only a 4 cylinder and has some puny ass springs in the back, but it's gas effiecient, has my Pioneer stereo in it :D, and is small enough that I have a valid excuse NOT to take the kids with me to town if I don't want to. Soon I'll find a bigger truck for hauling more than 300lbs of feed, hay, supplies, whatever I need, and that I can shove all the kids into. Ya go ahead, call me a redneck or hick, I don't care. Actually I'd consider it a complement. Do me a few favors though, do NOT call me a hillbilly (that just pisses me off because of the idea they are ignorant, uneducated, bassackward folks that are perplexed by modern society... plus there are a few people/families in the area that ARE hillbillies and I want NO connection to them), and don't start picturing me with missing teeth (ewww), the frumpy apron/dress wearing work boots(double ewww), the hair in rollers (EWWWWWWWWWWW) or any of that jazz. If you need a graphic of what NOT to picture, here's a good one:

You start comparing me to that, thoughts of mean things to do to you start racing through my mind. Don't make me go there, it's a murky place, and I can come up with some pretty scary stuff (I scare my co-workers if THAT tells you anything. Have I mentioned they are all men and police officers?)

Anyways, things have been busy at home. Got partially moved into the bigger house, Daniel had his surgery, dealing with school issues with the younger girls, and trying to keep up with all the "normal" household stuff...oh and trying to avoid all the election crap that they are spewing at us. Only good thing about the election being days away is the drop in gas prices.

I shall post pictures in another post as this one is getting pretty long. I'll see ya'll in a lil while with pics and a new post.

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Sunny Yukon said...

Our first truck was an S-10 too! It was great, I kinda miss it now.

I'm looking forward to more pics. I hope they're not as scary as that one. *shiver*