Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well this week has been definately random and frazzled. Shoot I'm sitting here trying to remember what I did on my 4 days off and can think of 4 things...I know I did a whole lot more than 4 things LOL. I guess I'll just start with my first day off and go through them other 4 that way as well. It might just jog my memory.

Wednesday: Went home from work, got kids off to school, got stuff out of the freezer for supper, threw a load of laundry in the washer (funny that I remember that huh?), took a nap until about 1:30, called my Mom cos the kids wanted to go see their uncle who just got home (I'll explain that in a lil bit), did some more laundry, messed with my horses, mentally groaned at the state of my house (it was a wreck), talked to Gary, did chores outside, made biscuits to take to Mom's for supper with Destiny's help, went in town to pick up the rest of the kids, and went to my Moms. Made supper over there, cleaned up, Mom drove me nuts, gathered kids and went home, did homework with kids, got them cleaned up and into bed, showered, then collapsed into bed.

Thursday: Butt crack 'o dawn crawled out of bed, restarted laundry, got kids up and around for school, threw them out of house for school, remembered I'd TOTALLY forgotten to send Evie's lunch with her and forgotten to get snacks for her class that day, hung laundry on line, staked horses out in yard to mow for me :D, got dressed and headed to town. Went and got Evie's snacks and dropped off those to the school along with her lunch,stopped my my Moms and she bent my ear some more & and picked up my lil brother to take him to go see his probation/parole officer (part of explaination mentioned above during Wednesday), took him to his probation/parole appt, ran to Wal-Mart while he was busy there, took a short nap in the car waiting for him, took him home, got home about 11:30am and Gary was home and needed to go see his probation officer (yes where I had just came from with my lil brother), cursed him mentally for not answering my earlier text if he needed a ride over and rebooted laundry again, took him over to see his probation officer, took a nap while waiting for him to get done, got home about 1:00, went to the other house to measure out the stripes and painted the first coat of the stripes on the wall that we had to tear out due to the siding leaking, cleaned up some of the paint spatters on the trim in my bedroom, made a list of stuff to do over there, hung out and played with kids after school some, made dinner and chatted with Daniel about stuff we need to do and upcoming improvements on the farm, more laundry, baths, bedtime stuff, collapsed into bed.

Friday: Up at the butt crack o' dawn again, kids ready and off to school, got ready to go to work at DG, worked from 8-12pm, did a few errands in town, went home, started some more laundry and folded a bit of laundry, took some sinus meds and my back meds, played some Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, meds made me sleepy so took a nap till 4pm, picked up some walnuts out of the yard, cleaned up some more trim from the other house, helped Daniel with a few things outside, made supper and ate, hung out with Evie and Daniel, gave Evie her bath, did some general housework, played some more Legend of Zelda while Evie "helped" then she crashed and I went to bed.

Saturday: Slept in till 6:30am WOOT, stripped the kid's beds (they were gone) and washed the sheets, hung up laundry, did 3 more loads of laundry and hung those out, went out and checked on my animals and messed with them about an hour, got Evie dressed and fed for the morning, went outside and picked up walnuts, got stuff out of the freezer for meals for the weekend, loaded walnuts in the pick up to go sell them, sat at the walnut shellers for 5 hrs in line, sold the walnuts, went home and babysat the Grandson until 11pmish, and we all watched movies until Tangie picked up the lil monkey and we all went to bed.

Sunday: Slept in, took bale spike over to one of our friends houses, picked apples out of their orchard, went home, went next door to work and got all the bedrooms cleaned up and ready to move into :D, played outside with Evie a bit and we went and played some video games, then I took my nap for work, got up and got ready for work and came to work.

WHEW, ya that was my weekend off for the most part. I know I did more than that, but I've forgotten it at this point.

Now as for the deal with my lil brother. He has been in prison for ahwhile now (I want to say 2 yrs but won't swear to it at this point) and last Tuesday he got released. My Mom spent 14 hrs on Tuesday to go get him, and get him home. She was udderly exhausted on Wednesday (her day off during the week) and my kids wanted to go visit my brother and Mom. Mom was just way to exhausted and stressed to handle the two oldest ones overnight so I took them over there. I also didn't want to tire her out even more by her feeling like she had to cook supper for everyone, so I made biscuits at my house (Mom doesn't have an oven that works), and took over sausage for gravy. Everyone had a good visit and like always my Mom drove me buggy (it's just her way of showing me love I guess). Like I mentioned she was just exhausted from the long day the day before and not sleeping well so I offered to take my brother to see his probation/parole officer since I had to take Gary anyways. The next morning Mom, worried that my brother was already starting to contact his old buddies, bent my ear in her way venting about it and her worries he's going to go back to the institution because of violating his parole conditions. I tried to help her figure out some ways for her to address some issues with my brother that she's afraid that she's going blow up about and address in a less than productive way. I don't know how this whole thing with him being back is going to work out, but I guess over time I'll see. Lord help us all. I'm sure we'll need it.

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