Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somethings don't come soon enough II

Persnickety & Feisty...

At 17 I had a baby, husband, job, school and a home to take care of myself so ya I think it's safe to say all 3 of us can say it's "doable". Of course she tells her Daddy some bullshit about since she is a cheerleader she can't get a job, they won't work around her school activities...WTFH ever that is a HUGE load of shit. How do I know that? Hmpfh I wasn't a cheerleader by any means but I worked at least one job all the time, since the time I was 10. Sometimes it was mowing lawns, walking dogs (and I still HATE certain yippy fluffy breeds to this day because of that), working with guys cutting firewood, fixing fence, milking cows, working cows, general other farm work, and a plethora of other odd jobs...all on top of being an active member in FBLA, Art Club, swim team, Drama Club (betcha that's a surprise to ya'll huh), and various church activities...oh and going to the nursing home a few times a month to just go hang out with someone that didn't have any family to visit them. Anyways, that's not my point here, my point is that she's full of shit and Daniel refuses to call her bluff.

I so agree with both of you, they both need a major ass beating at the very least. It's not my place to administer it unless she does something to cross me though, then her happy lil bouncy smartass punk cheerleading ass is MINE. Funny thing is though...I tell her no, she doesn't give me the shit she gives her Dad LOL. Probably because she has tried it and it netted her a month of no going anywhere but to work (ya she worked a grand total of 6 weeks this summer), no phone, no computer, nada nothing. It started out at 2 weeks and then she went bitching and crying to Daniel....BAD mistake. Her punishment got doubled and as for him....well have you heard the term "blue balls" or "cold shoulder"? He got a very HEALTHY dose of both. I'm just talented that way ...thanks for teaching me the very handy skill of making people miserable Mom.

Anyways back on track here....

Last night was her flat denial of moving into her new room...and him letting her punk ass get by with it. Today...more of it but with a very interesting twist...get this ya'll...The reason he's having SOOOO many troubles with her over this is all MY FAULT. Oh yes, you read that right, MY FAULT. WTFH is probably what your thinking and I did too naturally. The response Daniel gave me was since when it came to figuring out who was going to stay over there while HE finished that room. Ohh yes, he was supposed to have had that done ohhhhh middle of Septemberish, and just like my Dad, blew it off till I pitched a bitch fit and started doing it myself ... opps side rant there, back on track now. Daniel wanted me to let Ty, my 14 yr old boy stay over there ALONE. Now Ty is a good kid, but he is a sneaky lil shit. I wouldn't put it past him to sneak out and meet some of his friends that can drive at the end of our driveway and we'd never know he was gone kinda sneaky. Or him sneak girls in or whatever. So ummmm NO I said to that. Yes it was my idea to put her over there, but she had this HUGE issue about being alone and for Christ's sake, she was almost 17 at the time. In less than 2 years she'll be out of my house...um errr on her own is what I meant. She needs to learn how to handle being alone at night. Well at first she pissed and moaned....oh wait, you read this before, I'll spare you the repeat. Now where was I? Oh ya, MY FAULT, and his logic behind that. In a nutshell if I'd listened to him and had Ty stay over there, then he wouldn't be having this issue with her. WTF? Oh so I'm supposed to have my 14 yr old son stay alone in a house and God only knows what he'd come up with and do that he's not supposed to so his fucking whiny assed almost 17 yr old daughter could stay in the main house (and that's what she wanted at that point in time) and it would make the transition easier on Daniel putting Ty in the spare room? I can see his logic as he's LAZY when it comes to being a parent in oh so many ways, but I'll be go to hell if I'm letting either one of my kids stay in a house 100 yds from me for that long. Nope, not this Momma. I know how sneaky kids can be (ok and part of it is I was a BAD kid in oh so many ways so I know what I'd been doing had my parents let me have a pad of my own).

We've been through this before with her older sister and guess what? His problems with her were MY FAULT as well. Yes there is a pattern of this and yes I'm sick and G'damned tired of it. So I am going to what's called "disengaging" in the world of step parenting. The girl HAS parents...unfortunately for her she was dealt a couple of not the best, but not my fault. I'm in no way, shape, or form saying I'll EVER win mother of the year, but I'm not a totally looser parent either. So since she has parents, I'm leaving the parenting to them. Unless of course she does something that directly impacts me or my children and God help her if she does, because then she's under MY jurisdiction. I will be in charge of that, then if it happens. Until then, she's her Mom and Dad's problem. I won't be doing anything for her unless she asks and I agree or she earns it. If they don't like that oh well...what are they going to do? Sue me? Leave me? Pfft...not too concerned about it. I'll deal with the repercussions if/when it gets to that point. In the meantime, I'm going to raise MY children to the best of my ability and say screw the rest of it. I don't need the grief, anxiety, or headaches associated with it.

Oh and as for that cold shoulder...ya Daniel's on the receiving end of it yet again, and until I either see changes or get left out of his Katie drama bullshit I don't see it changing anytime soon.

Oh and Daddy...Thank you SOOOO much for raising me right, but I wouldn't be expecting any kudos on my raising from Daniel anytime soon ;)

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