Sunday, December 14, 2008

Somethings just don't come soon enough

I'm PMSing which contributes to part of this post, but don't expect me to apologize for anything I say here. Only reason I bequeathed you with that information is that the first couple of paragraphs, that's the only reason that stuff is bugging me. The last part of it though...well it's been festering for awhile and my dipshit other half will NOT grow a f'kn spine and stand up to his punk ass 17 yr old daughter.

Ok first of all, I've been working WAY to many hours lately in order to halfway keep this family afloat financially. Now I don't mind that, I know that in a month or so things will straighten out, they always do. I'm just getting worn out, and when I AM home, the three youngest kids (all mine) want to be attached to my hip. While flattering, it's annoying...on top of that, Daniel wants to be attached to the other hip. Now I'm 5'3" and my weight bounces between 130-140 at any given time. His 189lbs on one hip and the other kids combined weight of probably 275 lbs gets overwhelming to say the least. All of them wanting my attention at any given time gets mentally exhausting. I am more mentally fatiqued than anything else. I need some downtime which I CAN NOT get around these parts these days. That's most of why they are grating on my nerves so bad. Me having down time equates to a more mentally refreshed Mom and wife so I actually want to hang out with all of them some (and all that extra weight doesn't wear me out so badly).

Second of all, the 13 yr old has PMS as well. Man oh man, you talk about B.I.T.C.H.Y. she makes me look like a saint in that reqard. I have spent the majority of today trying to keep her in check as she was snapping at everyone like a rabid alligator. Personally I wanted to chunk her into her closet and give her a lamp, a coffee can, box of kleenex, her Diet Coke, bottle of Midol, pillow, blanket, and her DS but thought better of it.

Today we finished 17 yr old brat stepdaughter's room in the mobile adjoining ours. It's nothing fancy, but it's more than livable and she is LIVID. We let her stay next door in the smaller mobile and at first she bawled and squalled about it. Now she's grown used to it and likes having her own place...on our f'kn dime. Money is tight right now but apparently this kid thinks we have a money tree that we can go raid as we need to. Doesn't matter whether we did or not, she has NO right to expect us to furnish her with a house of her own even if we do have one handy. She wants her own place, she get get a f'n job like the rest of us, and pay her own bills just like the rest of us. Daniel thinks I'm being too hardcore and just plain "mean" about it. All I hear out of him is "Well what would you have liked at 17?" I very ungently reminded him at 17 I DID have my own house, and I paid my own bills THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I didn't expect or want help from my parents. Anyways, that's another blog post all together. I don't give a flying rat's ass what either of them think anymore. He needs thumped upside the the head and that girl needs a serious good old fashioned ass whipping. Can I get her dear Daddy to administer one to her? F'k NO. If she doesn't get what she thinks she "needs" when she thinks she "needs" it, she sends him all kinds of hateful and disrepectful text messages, shovels out all kinds of attitude, and keeps it up until she either gets tired of it or there's something else that makes her happy or she thinks she HAS to have RIGHT now. Case in point....Last Monday they were to have their sports pictures taken, and he was flat assed broke. She wanted $20 for her pictures and when he said he didn't have it, he got smart assed whiney texts for the next 4 days like "Oh well I guess I'm not supposed to have memories so I just won't get them *sigh*" and assorted other bullshit (that's the first one I read and I can't remember the rest cos they all pissed me off so bad). His response "Well you can't blame her for being disappointed" WTFH kind of answer is that?!? He might have a point but to let her get by with texting him that way.....well all I'll say is she's lucky she's not MY kid because she'd be black, blue, purple, and yellow across her backside, she'd not have a car nor a phone either.

I really HATE being a stepmother. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it. I have to stand my and watch this kind of shit go on, and him let his kid get by with it. On top of that, MY kids see it and listen to it, so guess what? They think THEY can get by with it. Well they try, they don't get very far. Guess my threats of beating their asses get their attention, especially when a mouthy then 14 yr old got his beat in front of his younger sisters. It made an impression. They still push, but they don't push too hard. Now if I could just let Daniel let me have a crack at that brat of his... That's never going to happen though so I'd just better stick with hoping that the next year and a half goes by very swiftly. I'll never be so glad to have a kid out of my house in all my life (well except for her sister, and this situation is quickly morphing into what that one careened into).

Ok rant over, back to your regularly scheduled programming and thank you so much for allowing me to get this off my a roundabout way that is. :)


Persnickety Ticker said...

Hopefully you feel a little better after unloading that. That being said, I would so break my foot off in that girl's ass! Stepmother, mother, father, next door neighbor, distant cousin...someone needs to slap her in the face with a healthy dose of reality. At 17? I had a job and a car and paid for all my "memories" with my own hard earned money. Smart assed texts? Take the phone away and let her do her pouting to her dad's face. I'll bet he won't put up with it as much.

Ooops. There I go ranting right along with ya. Must be contagious.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

At 17, I had a job and a baby. The only reason family and friends helped me as much as they did was because I didn't go around with my hand out demanding it of them, and they were willing to help because I was willing to do what it took to get things done. It's a sad disservice to everyone, especially the child getting spoiled. No one is happy in the long run.