Saturday, July 19, 2008


We closed on our new place today WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Fourty one acres, two livable mobile homes, one mobile that needs some serious TLC, and various and assorted other structures. I'm so SO sick of being in town. I really need this before I start taking potshots at vehicles driving by my house.

Of course Murphy couldn't leave this wonderful time alone for us, Daniel has came down with the flu. Sick as a dog, sounds like he's hacking up a lung, entire body hurting like he's been hit by a Mack truck (which if he doesn't quit whining CONSTANTLY could be arranged), and belly area feeling like it's being used to crochet mittens with (WTH he EVER came up with that analogy I'll never EVER know, nor do I think I want to). Oh I left out the part about him sounding like a toad when he talks but I find that kind of cute heehee (shhh don't tell him that tho). Anyways, he's pretty much useless and since this place has sat empty for the last few years, there is a shitwad of work to do. The renters left the main mobile pretty nasty as well, but nothing a box of trash bags and ALOT of scrubbing won't take care of. The smaller one isn't too awful, but since Daniel's daughter is going to be renting that, I'm NOT cleaning it. She can do it, but I'll step off that soapbox now before I get going on it. Ok have to say this much about it, if she helps me clean the main mobile, I'll help her clean the smaller one, 'nuff said.

So what that means for all 6 of you who read my blog, you get a first hand seat to all of this. From building fence, mowing, cleaning up the yard, to cleaning the interior of the mobiles. Should be an interesting ride for ya'll. Well except for Nat *giggle*, she'll be here next week to help me move. WAHOOOOO, really psyched about that :D! Anyone else that would like to come and help, or just hang out with us, feel free :D!

Hope you enjoy the before pics. This is definately going to be a work in progress and ya'll get a front row seat!

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