Friday, July 18, 2008

Horsebites and closing on a new farm...and just a little bitching

What an interesting week this has been! Exhausting, painful, surprising, and amusing all at the same time. The picture above was taken 15 minutes ago, but happened last Sunday. Ya it looks good thankful I didn't take before photos. And due to the crappy lighting in here, it looks better in the picture than it does on my right arm. :-\

I'll start with the painful part since that happened on Sunday. While out feeding my yearling stud colt, he was apparently feeling pretty feisty or I did something to seriously piss him off. I turned my head for a split second while I was scratching his neck and WHAM, the lil bastard nipped me. Luckily I was wearing a shirt with sleeves or he'd taken a chunk out of my upper right arm. I'm not sure if I hurt him when I knocked the hell out of him, but he didn't come around me anymore so hopefully he figured out who's the boss of that pasture. I should have know at that point, this week was going to turn into a circus that I was the ringmaster of.
Monday and Tuesday I seriously at this point don't remember what I did. Honestly.
Wednesday I did some housework and a great friend of mine from Michigan told me she's coming down for a week to help me move to the new farm YAY!!!!! I'm too excited :D!
Thursday the downfall began...Daniel came down with the flu of all stupid things. Sick as a damned dog. Not usually THAT big of a deal but almost a tragedy this week. We close on our new farm Saturday at 9am I find out TODAY and he's sick and can't crawl out of bed. I also go back to work tonight. So in the next TWO days I have to finish the bank paperwork, get the utility stuff done, arrange to meet the seller out at the new farm, get insurance, take care of the kids, and find time to sleep for work. There was more stuff on the to do list there but compared to the rest, it was small potatoes. I managed to get 6 hrs of sleep in there, get all the stuff I needed to proceed to the final step of setting up the new utility accounts, info for the insurance guy, and whatever it was the bank wanted that I had totally spaced off. Then I got home, took a shower, went and picked up the 5 yr old from daycare, and came to work and worked all night.
This morning (Friday): Went home and collapsed in the recliner till 9:48am when the 5 yr old woke me up "It's time for school MOM!" so outta the chair I came, fed her, took her to school (aka daycare) and started running again. First to do the utilities which while it doesn't sound like a big deal, it's a 30 minute drive to the office one way from here, then an hour doing everything, then another 30 minute drive back. No more than walk in the house and Daniel can't find his Dr's office number so I have to find it and call them for him. The nurse has to talk to the Dr so they have to call me back. No problem, give them my cell number and off to the bank I go. Sign my part of the loan paperwork and the Dr's office calls. They want lab work. Well just hunky frickin dory....this particular Dr's office is 40 minutes away and Daniel is too sick to drive himself. Oh not to mention that I had to be to the insurance office in 45 minutes. I go home, check my email for some info for the insurance agent that the realtor was supposed to send me and I inform his daughter that she's going to have to take Dad to the Dr. Then off to the insurance office to spend 2 hrs getting a new farm policy set up. I drag in the door home again at 4:48 pm and have to be to work by 6 and pick up our 5 yr old at 5:30. I manage to get all of it done on just under 4 hrs of sleep but Lord have mercy, I'm tired now and I have 7 hrs of work to go.
Luckily I had the presence of mind to take tomorrow night off since we have to be to the bank at 9am to close on the new farm. My plans after that? Find a corner someplace where they won't look for me, curl up in my favorite blankie and with my favorite pillow and pass out until I wake up.
Heavens help them if they wake me, the damage will make that love nip my colt gave me look like a walk in the park.
Ok I'll quit whining now..I just had to get some of that out of my system before I took it out on some poor unsuspecting subject here at work.
I'll try to be cheerier tomorrow night I promise.

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