Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lack of productivity

Today was NOT as productive as I had hoped. Then again with a sick man in the house and a bunch of kids that are afraid that they might accidentally expend 15 more calories than the other in the name of WORK, I shouldn't have had such high expectations. Yes I am seriously ready to wring all their damned necks but I regress.

First of all I woke up at almost 10am. Not conducive to getting an early start in Southern Missouri heat in mid-July. Then my Dad called, spent an hour on the phone with him over nothing basically but that's ok. After that I had to run and get cleaning supplies. Then home to pickup my vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner. After it was all said and done, it was almost 3 pm when I got out there. Got some stuff pitched, got interrupted a bazillion times by the sickly one and the teenager that ventured out there with us, and finally the floors (part of them anyways) vacuumed and the living room walls washed (kind of, the teenager helped...need I say more?), and then went to do what I had intended to do in the first place, clean the carpets. Murphy (hey why does THAT name sound familiar?) struck again and the damned carpet cleaner is screwed up. I think it will be a simple fix, but I need the user manual to take out there with me. Of course J has lost that (go figure), so I find it online. Mr Murphy figured out his way home and now I can't get it to print out. ARGH

Tomorrow has GOT to be better....

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