Monday, July 21, 2008

Today wasn't too bad on the productivity end once I finally dragged my arse out there. I worked this morning at DG and I had a blaring backache so I took a nap when I got home. Then about 3:30 this afternoon E and I headed out there.

I had intended on cleaning carpets but my stepmom's carpet cleaner is a POS and I'm not sure I can do the job with that machine. I quickly gave up on that idea, and moved on to bigger and not so much better things. Since I had E with me, I had to kind of be careful what I endeavored to do. We swept the floors (I finally remembered to take the broom and dustpan out there with me), took down the two sets of mini blinds they left behind put them to soak in the bathtub and then Daniel showed up. After he showed up, we moved the fridge out and EWWWWW. Now the whole kitchen is BAD. I've worked in restaurants the greater part of my 32 years and this doesn't even start to compare. Grease and whatever else looks like it's been splashed on the walls for pity's sake. This is gonna take awhile and a whole lotta degreaser. I did manage to get the wall behind the fridge looking pretty good, even considering a lack of hot water. The hot water heater has shot craps on me. Tomorrow I'll get the parts to fix that, it's a relatively easy job (so easy even a blond can do it *wink wink*). So I had already taken a pretty good sized pot out there to heat water while I was waiting on the water heater to heat up once we turned it on so I do have hot water, just in small quantities. We took down the rest of the curtains, washed the ones that were already down, and swept all the cobwebs off the walls and ceilings in the master bedroom. Then I took the mini blinds outside and hosed and scrubbed them off the rest of the way. They still look kind of grungy but I'm waiting to buy new ones until I decide what color I'm going to paint the rooms and such. I got the refrigerator cleaned inside and out and it's now the color it was supposed to be which is white. Before it's "bath" it was a not so lovely shade of greasy beige. BLECK. Daniel did some mowing but not much as he's still feeling pretty drained from his flu bug. He did manage to find a yellow jacket's nest in a love seat sitting on the back deck. That scared the shit outta me as I was sitting on it at the time. The seat he wanted to sit on had a bunch of leaves and such on it and I told him to just pull it off and sweep it off over the deck rail. Well he did and in doing so, found a yellow jacket's nest. He only got stung once, and thankfully me and E didn't get stung. He went to his truck and found his trusty BeeBopper spray and the yellow jackets didn't live long after that. The downside is, you walk out my back door and the overpowering smell of bug spray about drives you back in. That is about the extent of today's progress. Not too shabby considering the grease buildup I was contending with.

Tomorrow will be much more productive as my children want to go to the pool so I'm going to make them come help me all morning. After spending 5 hrs straight with them, I'll be ready for a break so then they can go to the pool. Good way to get things done and still keep some sanity LOL.

Ok it's almost midnight and I'm feeling it. I shall see all of you tomorrow with another update.

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