Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here is a lovely slide show of what I was up against yesterday. I forgot to take the after pics but I'll do that today, promise. Enjoy!

Whew made progress yesterday! YAY!!! Sorry this post is a lil late, but goodness, I was tired last night and had a family situation to deal with. I'll tell ya'll about that in another post, I promise.

In the wonderful wording of my friend, Fiesty Irish Wench, I worked my blessed assurance off yesterday. I can still smell the ammonia on my hands (not to mention the shrivels they caused). Well worth it because I finished 3 walls yesterday. Yes only 3, and no they weren't big walls. Oh and a set of cabinets, that was a doozy of a job considering how short I am. Thank goodness for my 7-8 ft painters ladder and the counter top directly below the cabinets. I also took the handle off my fridge and stove to degrease/degunk them. Yup they were that nasty. I just poured some engine degreaser cleaner in the sink and poured boiling water in there and plopped them in and let them puppies soak. I also got the interior of my back door cleaned also. Ended up taking the window frame off of the inside to have D scrub it down. I have to admit, she did a really good job. T got the job of taking all the storm windows out, and degunking them outside. He also got the job of doing the outer furnace doors. Poor kids, they think I'm working them half to death LOL. Oh and since D wasn't feeling so hot, T got to vacuum the bathroom and other two bedrooms. D went over and helped with the grandson though in the mobile we're gonna rent to my oldest sd. Well that's IF Daniel doesn't get fed up with her crap and tells her we're not renting it to her. As I mentioned before, that's another post (ya the same one I referred to above).

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