Saturday, November 1, 2008

Todo's for this week

I don't know WHO I'm trying to kid, I never get all of the stuff done I post that I'm going to do but what the hey, it's fun to see the discrepency between what actually gets done and what I'd like to have gotten done.

Today I have to work 4 hrs at my other job. Not that it's a big deal, I'm hyped up on leftover Halloween candy and coffee :D. I'll get out of here just shortly after 5:30ish am, and then I'm heading over to Wally world to check out the Halloween clearance. I'm really lacking in Halloween stuff since the fire wiped out my stash so I'm looking forward to this. Plus Chief wasn't able to find ANY chocolate candy so half price Snickers and Reeses are sounding pretty spiffy right now. After that I'll fill my lil truck up with gas and come back to town to go to work. After I get off work I have to go back to Mtn Grove to do some business then head to the house. The remainder of my afternoon will be spent trying to refrain from blowing my stack at Daniel because I just KNOW he's going to be really annoying since I've been working all week. I'm going to put away a few things, maybe order out for supper, and then crash early from sheer exhaustion.

Sunday will include putting more stuff away and orgainizing, trying to shake Daniel off my hind end, and probably getting the kid's pictures taken. Maybe I'll work with the horses some and take some more photo's, not sure

Monday we have a TON of errands to do and grocery shopping. I'm going to attempt to do all of my running on Monday so I don't have to do any on Tuesday. BWAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sure THAT will work but it's a nice idea.

Tuesday will be "stay at home and get shit done day". I'm hoping to be mostly organized by the end of Tuesday afternoon. How successful I am at that will greatly depend on how many times Daniel distracts me with "I'm bored, lets do something fun.".

Wednesday whatever I haven't gotten done that I found I wanted to, I'll do it. If I don't find anything, I'm going to veg out and play my Wii. Oh and sleep for work since I come back Wednesday night.

Well there it is all nice and cut and dry. Now let's see how far I get with it.

I hope all of you have a great week!

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