Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wasn't far off the mark

Good thing I didn't list an overly ambitious list of things to do on my days off because I would have been sorely disappointed.

For the most part things went just about like I anticipated. Daniel stuck to me like glue, got some stuff organized, and some other errands done...not too bad I don't suppose. I'm a lil miffed that Daniel INSISTED that we go pay our taxes in person rather than me just write out a check, pop it in an envelope with a stamp and mail the dumb things in. If we'd had to just go to ONE county it wouldn't have been so bad, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we had to go to TWO different counties in which the county seats are approximately a hour and a half apart. *Sigh* least it's done and over with is all I can say.

I started intensively working with Windwalker the last couple of days. My gosh, all I can say about that is he isn't appreciating it. He's as stubborn as my other half and I suspect it's for the same reason...Testosterone. Slowly but surely he's getting the idea I'M the boss. I'm sure once I get him cut, he'll come around to my way of doing things.

On another testosterone related note, my son got his driver's permit on Tuesday. ACK! Not that it's a bad thing necessarily, just that he has this *thing* about wanting to hang on the outside white line on the road. Makes me extremely nervous soooooo....*evil grin* I've found a solution that works all the way around. Daniel can't drive right now, Ty is faunching to drive, and I'm sick of chauffeuring Daniel around. Not to mention, Ty's driving drives me insane and while I can see what he's doing wrong/needs to change, how to explain it to him eludes me. Daniel is much better at that kind of thing so I've appointed the boy as his driver. :D Not sure what Daniel thinks of it, but Ty and I like the idea and majority rules doesn't it? ;)

On the home organization front, well I accomplished a few things. I managed to get the bulk of the laundry folded, hung up, and put away...including socks. that's a major accomplishment for me as I dislike that particular job with a passion. Then again, I did most of it Tuesday night while I was watching the election results roll in while I sat in the middle of the living room floor LOL. Might as well kill 2 birds with one stone eh? I managed to clear off two counters Sunday and Monday, just for the famdamily to clutter one up completely by tonight before I left for work. Frustrating yes, but I'm not going to kill them just yet. My cabinets are still organized so I can live with a cluttered counter for a few days. I unpacked a couple of boxes, not sure if I like where I chose to put the stuff so it may end up being moved. I'll cross that bridge later when I see how it's working for everyone. If the guys would get the boxes of tools out of my kitchen and off my deck, that would be a great help as well. My microwave is still in the other house due to tools taking up it's piece of real estate on my counter. It's not that big of a deal to me when it comes to making a meal, but it's making a few more dishes than I would have to deal with otherwise.

I had a few opportunities for some great photo's but someone "borrowed" my rechargeable camera batteries. Upon scouring the house I could only find batteries that I had relinquished to the junk drawer for use in remote controls. Hence, not many photo's were taken this weekend. I guess I'm going to have to slip into old habits and keep a stash of batteries that no one but ME knows about. Oh well, a girl's got to do what a girls got to do.

All in all it wasn't a bad weekend. A little more rest and less running would have been nice, but oh well. Soon enough cold weather will be upon us, and that's my built in excuse to NOT go out. Regardless of my northern European lineage, I didn't develop their resiliency or tolerance for the cold. I blame my parents for that since they moved me to a warmer climate as a young child. That's ok though, I kind of like only having a few weeks of extreme cold a year. Just enough snow to remind me why I don't want to move to a more northern latitude, but enough to be reminded of how nice snow can be in small doses.

In a nutshell that was my weekend off. Not very exciting but that's ok...I've had enough excitement this year to last me for the next five years.

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