Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fluid check by a blonde

Poor Katie, she gets so much ribbing for my family's entertainment, but this is a classic example of why...

Katie's left turn signal bulb burnt out awhile back, and so when she went to use it, the light on the dash was going really fast. Since Daniel and I were gone she asked Gary about it (which was her 1st mistake), to which she got this answer...

"Well shit, I betcha your blinker fluid is low, and we're all out"

"Aw man, well today while I'm in town, I'll have K help me with it, he's got every known vehicle fluid there is"

"Ok well make sure you don't forget, k Katie"


7 hrs later, Katie comes in the door....


Daniel and I look at one another going "WTH? What's going on now?"

"I'm gonna strangle him, UGH!" and off goes the 16 yr old blonde cheerleader in search of her 28 yr old stepbrother.

Ty is laughing his ass off as he comes in the door....

"Katie's mad...."

"Ya we noticed, why this time?"

"Blinker fluid"

Daniel and I looked at each other and at the same time "WTH is blinker fluid"

Katie came stomping up the stairs "I HATE Gary right now"

Me "Katie...What's blinker fluid"

Katie "ARGH, well apparently it's something that's NOT under the hood of MY car"

Daniel, laughing his ass off and me and Ty following suit....

Katie "You all are mean, and mean people suck, you shouldn't make fun of me just cos I'm dumb you know"

Me "Katie, we're laughing WITH you, not at you and we're not making fun of you for being dumb"

Katie "Shaddup" and stomps to her room

Apparently what happened was Katie was trying to be all "damsel in distress, help me help me" with her boyfried at the time and asked him to check her blinker fluid while all the teenyboppers were hanging out at the park. Everyone else knew that there was no such thing as blinker fluid BUT Katie. So she's digging in the back of her boyfriends truck toolbox looking for blinker fluid while they are dying of laughter at her.

Poor kid...I almost feel bad for her....ALMOST


Sunny Yukon said...

Ahhhh I do feel better after that story. It's so good to know that I am not alone in the vehicles-make-me-look-stupid department. Tell Katie I am in full support of her. In fact, if I had been able to get the hood open, I would have been looking for the blinker fluid resevoir.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Mean, but funny. Tell her she has my sympathies. Someone once pulled the "blinker fluid" on me once. I was mad for a week. Oh and I have never been a blonde.

insanelybusymomma said...

Girls I'll let Katie know that she's not the only one that believed (or would have believed the blinker fluid) thing.