Saturday, September 20, 2008

You can't give away my Weenie!

THAT got your attention now didn't it? LOL My son Ty keeps me in stitches without even thinking about doing it and this is just one example of it.

Awhile back when we were still renting in town, Daniel was getting all huffy about all of the dogs we had. He was pressing me and the kids to get rid of some of them, and we were having major decision making problems as to which ones. Well I agreed to get rid of Babydoll to my Dad since one of their lil housedogs had just passed away and they were looking for another one. Katie decided to get rid of her dog as well. We also had another dog that I reluctantly agreed needed another home.

Well after we moved out to our new farm, Katie got rid of her dog, and Evie's dog Buster disappeared. Dad doesn't want Babydoll until they get moved so we've still got her, one of her "sons" that looks like his basset hound daddy, Tangies two mutts (which I really can't stand and are a total PITA, but we've got them in a pen), two Great Prynese's, and a puppy that Katie got from her boyfriends grandparents. Daniel was pretty well satisfied on our dogs now, except for Babydoll and her boy like to get under our bedroom window at night and bark. I can sleep right through it, but Daniel wakes up everytime and half the time can't get back to sleep. Well for about 3 nights in a row, those dogs raised hell 3/4 of the night. Daniel was tired and that equates to one thing: CRANKY. The morning after the 3rd night, this is the converstation that ensued:

"We're gonna have to do something with those stupid damned mutts. They keep me up all night long and I'm ready to shoot them!"

"Ya I know, your tired and bitchy though, you don't have to shoot them. I'll start crating them at night and put them on the other side of the sheds."

"You'd better start doing something or else their gonna have to go elsewhere or get shot, I'm not particular right now"

At this point Ty wanders up and goes:

"Huh? Are we getting rid of the dogs?"

Me: "No"

Daniel: "Yes or I'm gonna shoot them"

Ty: "Which ones? Babydoll can be a pain in the ass."

Me: "We're NOT getting rid of any of them, I'll start crating Babydoll and Weenie"

Yes the basset hound looking dog's name is Weenie.

Daniel: "Those lil SOB's are going if they don't learn to shut the hell up at night"


Ty: "NOOOOOOOOOO you can't take away my Weenie!!!!!!!!!!" while kneeling down and fiercely grabbing Weenie and hugging him.

At that point it was all Daniel and I could do to keep from collapsing laughing while Ty asked us...

"What is so stinkin funny....You can't get rid of my Weenie!!!"

End of discussion, Ty gets to keep his Weenie.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Awww...I just love how the funniest stuff comes out of the kiddos. And usually blindsides ya just like that did. Glad no one got shot!