Friday, September 5, 2008

Parental pressure

Today my monster's ALL surprised me, even the teenagers. The city that I work for is looking for a new desk girl over at city hall since the other one took the city clerk position. While I really like my job here at the PD, I'm UBER sick of working 6pm to 6am. So I took the leap and went over and applied for the 8am to 5pm position. I have no clue if I'll get it, but I can hope. So I got up a bit early today and told the kids I was gonna go to town and grabbed my finished application. Ty asked me what I was going for THIS time and I told him "Heh, your gonna love 8am to 5pm job so I'm home in the evenings to aggravate you guys. Front desk girl over at City Hall basically." Evie wasn't home, but the response I got out of Ty and Des floored me. I was expecting a "Oh wow, ok" kinda thing but instead I got a pulled down fist from Ty going "Wooo Hoooo" and Des going "Kewllllllllnesssss, so you'll be home EVERY night?" I was like "Ya that's the point of changing my postion at work." At that point they started kinda jumping around and Wooo Hoooing. Now displays of enthusiasm is normal for my children but not over these kinds of things. So about half an hour later, Des and I were picking up Evie from daycare and Des told Evie all about it. Here lil blue eyes opened wide and she looked at me going "Momma, your gonna be home EVERY night?!?" I told her that I hoped so, but didn't know, I had to see if I got that position first. She sat next to me in the truck absorbing that, then looked up at me "Momma, you've got blond hair like me and blue eyes" "Yes baby, I do" "Mom....I want to be just like you when I grow up" with a huge grin on her face. "Oh you do eh? Thank you that's a wonderful complement but do me one favor would you? Tell your Daddy that k?" "Ok I will, he loves you so he'll be glad to hear it Mommy" At that point Des was giggling hysterically and Evie reached over and whapped her one and told her to shuddup. Then Evie turned to me and went "Momma isn't that what you woulda done?". *Sigh* I didn't answer but in my mind I answered her "Ya but I would have smacked her harder.". Man oh man, now if that doesn't put some pressure on me, nothing will. Here I have my 5 yr old daughter wanting to be just like me. I'd like to think she means just the good parts, and I'm sure she will get those, but sure enough, she'll pick up some of the bad too. She already has in all honesty. Her temper, her stubbornness, her boldness....all from me much to the bane of her siblings and Dad. Oooooo ya, I'm gonna get paid back in spades for every bit of what I put my parents through.


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Everyone has their clone right?

Persnickety Ticker said...

Yes, yes we do. Some clones are more like their mother than they want to be.

And then we have my clone...who seems to have inherited not only all my dramatic atributes, but that of my entire family line. Too much drama in one little body.

insanelybusymomma said...

Yes and this clone will be the rest of my sanity's undoing LOL.