Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of MRSA and Men...and the rest of my "weekend"

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ok thanks, had to get that outta my system. This has been the week of illness and pain around our lovely little farm. This is the part I HATE about the kids going back to school. They not only bring home homework, and the occasional progress report or cute project, but also every conceiveable known illness going around.

First of all, last week our oldest step child (long story, I'll explain later when I'm back to work and have a higher speed connection as well as more time K), got what appeared to be a nasty spider bite. Well the bite didn't look so bad, but it morphed into this HUGE pimple looking thing. I swear it was every bit of 2 inches in diameter, and all red and poofy. Well I've had spider bites do that and when I squished them, they popped like a zit, I slathered some Bactroban on them and covered with gauze and all was good. So I shared my "cure" with Gary, and he promptly did so...only to make it worse. By a week later on Monday, it was EWWWW. The good part was that the swelling and redness had gone down. The bad part is/was it had morphed into a 3 inch in diameter raw oozing sore. What's even worse? Gary is 28, and no health coverage and we are so broke that financially embarrassed doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. Well I called the health department and thank goodness I did. In Mtn View (the one in Missouri, not in Arkansas), on Monday nights from 7-9pm they have a FREE health clinic for the uninsured. WOOT I was estatic because I was fearful that Gary had staph infection in that wound. Long story short, he got home at 10:30 that night telling me, "They said it was something called Marsa, and to do blah blah blah blah, and gave me some kind of antibiotics or some shit.". "Uh Gary, do you mean MRSA?" "YEAH, THAT'S what they said. Guess you've heard of it huh?" "Um ya, now and I mean RIGHT NOW, go get all your laundry and put it in front of the washer...I mean EVERYTHING from socks to towels you've used in the last 10 days." "Oooook, why? Oh ya they said it was highly infectious." "Yeah, it is and if left unchecked I could have people with limbs falling off, clothes, in front of washer NOW!" "Right after I take my meds ok?" "Ya ok fine, I'll get the water going just dump the laundry in" So that's been a battle we've been fighting all week thus far. Good news is, Gary's leg is looking a whole lot better, though he's crabbing that he's tired all the time and since he's roofing this week, it's irratating. Oh well, better than having your leg fall off isn't it?

Tuesday, Destiny awoke me telling me her side and stomach hurt, and since it was 5:50am I told her to go back to bed. She stayed home from school, and by the next morning was none worse for wear. YAY

Wednesday, Daniel wakes me up at 6:30am telling me Katie's staying home, her stomach is bothering her. Grrrrr, I was SOOOO looking forward to having the house to myself for a couple of days while I was off. Then Destiny came in telling me Ty's stomach was acting up too. ARGH! Great, first MRSA, now the stomach great is this! Especially after my Dr put me on Verimyst (or however it's spelled) for my sinus/allergy issues and it is an immune system suppressant. The MRSA I could handle, a pair of gloves while handling the infected laundry, some bleach spray in the tub, and good handwashing, no problem. The stomach flu though, I can't hold my breath for hours on end (tried it once, I don't look good in those shades of red/blue/purple), so I've been trying to stay out of breathing distance of those with it, and trying to keep everyone else out of their immediate vicinity also. Especially Evie, she's been a mouthy lil hellion this week, last thing I need is her with a stomach ache/not able to keep anything down.

On an upside yesterday, I finally got my lilac bushes planted. I found some more grapes that we're going to have to put an arbor up for so I've decided to flank the arbor with lilacs on both sides. :D I hope it works out like I've planned, and the lilacs don't croak on me.

On a more depressing note, yesterday after Gary got home, he pulled the carpet in the girl's room and found, guess, I dare ya...Yup more *&@$! water damage. The entire east wall, the floor and floor joists (or whatever that is where the wall meets the wall is) rotted, BAD. Gary stuck his finger through the floor, not good. With the aid of the water hose, Daniel and he found the leak. The seam in the metal siding outside is all buggered up, so they are going to caulk it, then replace the floor and wall where it is water damaged/rotted. So looks like Friday at the earliest that will be done with those guys working all day.

On an upnote, I got my bathroom and closet all cleaned up, I just have to vacumn my bedroom carpet and I can say it's completely DONE. Oh wait, scratch that, I still have some paint removal on the trim. So after I get that done, it'll be DONE.

In fact that's where I'm heading off to now, as soon as I finish this entry. I'm also going to work on that disaster area that is my kitchen.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week, and I'll catch up with ya in a couple of days as I go back to work tomorrow night.

ps. Ya know that day position I put in for? I got a letter yesterday saying that they've filled the position and good luck in my employment search. WTH? Is there something else they forgot to tell me in the letter?!?

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